Bike Rack
Material list
2X2X1/4" Angle iron, 1 1/2"X1 1/2"X3/16" Angle iron, 14 gauge 1 1/4" Square tubing, 11 gauge 1" Square tubing, 2 2" U-bolts, 4 Fork mounts, 8 1/4 20 nuts and bolts, 2 Clevis Pins, 5 1 1/2X1/4" chain links (used for tie downs)

Pin & U-bolt

Fork mounts & 1X1/4" chain links (used for tie downs)
Air Lift 1000 air springs
 The kit was easy to install on my 03 Ford Windstar and eliminated 2 inches of slump when the camper is hooked up.  
Homemade Stoker
Folding Shelves
I cheated, just bought it from Target
Folding Shelves packed away
Inflation Valve
Pressure @ 5 psi
Omnidirectional antenna
Mast is made of PVC pipe, Just sit it on the top and bungee it down.
Telescoping lantern pole
Also good for holding trash bags out of reach of little critters
Made of round bar stock, 3/4 & 1/2 rigid conduit.
Pressure @ 35 psi
Dutch Oven Accessories
3/8X6" Carriage bolts, 3/8" all thread couplings & 11 gauge sheet metal
Dutch Oven Lid Lifter 3/8" round bar stock & (2) 3/8" nuts, some bends and welds.